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Thank you so much! This must have come as quite a shock to La Kaffa, who had initially expected not much trouble in retaining their individual franchises. Since our founder Tom Nier brought the American coffee culture to Hong Kong in 1992, Pacific Coffee has devoted to providing an affordable yet luxury coffee experience with an East meets West concept and expanding our coffee selection with quality as their first priority.


Reasons Why Bubble Tea Franchise As A Business Venture Is A Good Idea

We aim to be the most loved beverage by revolutionizing the tea drinking culture in the country. The biggest drawback in buying a franchise is that franchises can be very expensive. Kyros Kebab is currently being served in 30 over outlets across Singapore, China, Indonesia and Brunei.


Chatime Bubble Tea Franchise

Today, they have expanded their business nationwide.


60 Popular Franchises in Malaysia and How Much They Cost [Updated 2019]

You need to contact the one you want directly. You can also to keep and read it at your convenience. It is not easy to so not everyone can be a start-up entrepreneur.


Tealive's Strategy To Innovate And Expand Aggressively Internationally

They come in many sizes and shapes, and they range from locally grown niche businesses to nationally recognized household names. From its humble beginning, several years later, it has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Chatime vs. Tealive: Clash of the Bubble Tea Franchises

Next to their regular coffee shops, they also export their coffee and tea products to 13 different countries.

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Marketing support When a business owner subscribes to a franchise, even , and other collaterals are provided. With more than 80 outlets worldwide, The Chicken Rice Shop is the largest chicken rice restaurant chain in the world.


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Along with many conceptual ideas for the store and cleverly combined with the equipment to help the store have a solid start. Being a franchisee, be prepared to invest an initial capital, franchise fee, and ongoing royalties to a franchisor. Visit or contact as many individual franchise locations as you can and see how the customer experience feels.