Gojo satoru fanart. Gojo Satoru Fanart! : JuJutsuKaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 Satoru Gojo Fan Art You Have To See

The whole nine yards.


Gojo Satoru Fanart! : JuJutsuKaisen

The sight of you rivets him to the spot.


help — Hunk Bastard (Gojo Satoru x F!Reader, NSFW)

If it's not there... His nomadic lifestyle makes it difficult to pin him down, but his affinity with technology makes it easy for an audience to stay in touch! Andrew grew up absorbing comic book material and debating the strengths of fictional characters with his siblings. This fan artist has recreated almost using his unique pancake batter technique.

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Vague spoilers including "Should we tell them? Satoru Gojo may not be the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen but he competes with Yuji as the best character of the hit new anime series.

Gojo Satoru Fanart Sketch : AnimeSketch

This goes for both Jujutsu Kaisen and any other series that you mentioning in comments. It is made clear that Jujutsu Kaisen borrows from Naruto the moment Megumi Fushigiro begins using hand seals to activate his Cursed Technique.

help — Hunk Bastard (Gojo Satoru x F!Reader, NSFW)

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