Mano polking. 'U23 Thái Lan có nhiều cầu thủ giỏi và mục tiêu huy chương vàng SEA Games 31'

Alexandré Pölking

Nếu chúng ta quyết tâm, tự tin và tập trung, chúng ta sẽ thành công ngay cả khi không có đủ thời gian chuẩn bị. Kerana ayahnya tenat di negaranya. The good thing is that apart from you guys the other teams are also having a slow start and the gap is not that big to the second place.


'U23 Thái Lan có nhiều cầu thủ giỏi và mục tiêu huy chương vàng SEA Games 31'

Dugaan doping beberapa pemain Thailand di leg 1 harus ditindaklanjuti. Especially Bole and Tak. Mano Polking kemudian terus membuat penafian bahawa penggantian penjaga gol pada minit ke-75 itu berbentuk menganjing atau tidak menghormati lawan mereka.


Schaefer, who served as the war elephant commander until 2013, was ousted. Ketua pasukan Gajah Putih iaitu Chanathip Songkrasin menjaringkan dua gol dalam perlawanan ini.


Mano Polking Appointed as Thailand Boss

Over the following six years, he turned the club from bottom-half strugglers to regular title contenders and made them consistently one of the most attractive sides in the division. Selain itu ia berbicara soal melawan dan di fase grup. In 2013, Pölking was appointed by the as the head coach.

Mano Pölking manager profile and live statistics updates

Can we expect another surge up the table between now and October? And the reasons are easy to understand. Polking first arrived in Thailand in 2012, as an assistant to then national-team coach Winfried Schafer.

SEA Games 2021

All the pre-season must be planned in a different way, must start much earlier and losing that game cost us a lot of confidence.