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The 10 Best Amazon Prime Original Movies From 2021, Ranked By IMDb

One of the trends of 2021 was films where one.


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Last year the entertainment industry was hit hard by the pandemic as many highly anticipated films slated for release in 2020 or, worse, canceled entirely.

Top 10 movies of 2021

In a lot of ways, worked as a throwback to the popular erotic thriller genre of the '90s. Individual critic top ten lists Below are the 318 individual top ten lists published by the film critics regularly included in Metacritic's score calculations, as well as a few extra lists from additional prominent film sources.

Best movies of 2021: Richard Roeper’s top 10 puts ‘Belfast’ at No. 1

Like jewels hidden in plain sight, the film showcases glorious performances from Mahalia Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Nina Simone. The story centers on Lindy Beckinsale , a bouncer with intermittent explosive disorder which causes some homicidal tendencies. Using the ratings given out by users at , subscribers can get a true feel for what was the best of the year.


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It tells the true story of a British teenager who must overcome bullying and prejudice in his hopes of becoming a drag queen. Movies—in particular action movies—are a great escape from reality, and everyone needs a little break from reality now and then especially from our current reality.


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After all, Cage is playing Rob, a former celebrated chef who is now living in a remote cabin in the Oregon wilderness with his only friend: his beloved truffle pig. During these drug sessions, the line between what's real and what is fantasy becomes increasingly blurred and makes it hard to sometimes follow what's going on. The story follows a pair of girls at an elite ballet academy who start as rivals and become best friends as they navigate the hardships of competing for a prestigious contract.