Malaysia mco 3.0 news. MCO 3.0: Hoteliers in Malaysia call for 'total lockdown' to save tourism sector

Malaysian retailers say rebound hopes dashed by MCO 3.0 despite improved first quarter performance

To enforce this prohibition, all houses of worship and business premises would be closed, except for supermarkets, public markets, grocery stores and convenience stores selling everyday necessities.


Highlights of the PEMERKASA+ aid package for MCO 3.0

Under the RMCO, a range of businesses and activities have been allowed to resume operations including spas, wellness and foot massage centres, cinemas, meetings, seminars, weddings, birthdays, and religious gatherings.

Commentary on Malaysia’s women and girls, MCO 3.0 and Covid

At the same time, people raised red flags to ask for aid for their pets, and black flags to protest the government's poor handling of the pandemic.


Malaysian movement control order

On 7 July, Pulau Pinang entered into Phase 2 of the lockdown. During that period, residents will not be allowed to leave the four districts, non-residents and visitors would be barred from entering, and all business activities except those providing essential goods and services would have to cease.

MCO 3.0: Hoteliers in Malaysia call for 'total lockdown' to save tourism sector

The plan was later postponed the day before the rollout to allow a detailed study of the proposed control. On 28 September 2020, Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced that an enhanced MCO would be enforced in , Tawau, , and between 29 September and October 12.


MCO 3.0 not as strict as first lockdown, key is to balance health and livelihoods: Ismail Sabri

This will be followed by a second phase lasting four weeks from 14 June under which more sectors will be allowed to reopen, provided these activities do not involve large gatherings.