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'The Crown' Season 4: Who is Carol Thatcher? How Margaret Thatcher's preference for Mark led to sibling rivalry

Both have enjoyed what would for almost anyone else be seen as hugely successful careers — a multimillionaire businessman and a well-known journalist and TV personality — but have suffered the inevitable comparisons with their mother and suspicions that at least some of their success came thanks to the family name. One who thinks so is her former beau Jonathan Aitken, a Cabinet Minister under John Major.


What happened to Mark and Carol Thatcher?

For the interview, which took place in their family home, Margaret was joined on the sofa by her six year olds. Margaret's relationship with her son and daughter is also illustrated, as is Carol's resentment of Mark being the favorite child. The twins were born six weeks early by caesarian section, at the Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital.


Thatcher's children: a tale of twins with mixed blessings

A member of Margaret's political party told , "For once, Mark is on the side of the angels. Sydney O'Meara Getty Images Mark moved to America and married Texan heiress Diane Burgdorf in 1987, having met three years earlier. Income Source Primary Income source Journalist profession.


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However, their marriage hit a major hurdle when, in 2005, Mark "received a four-year suspended jail term for his involvement in allegedly helping to finance a coup led by his friend, Simon Mann, in Equatorial Guinea," per The Guardian.

Carol Thatcher now: What happened to Margaret Thatcher's daughter, played by Rebecca Humphries in The Crown

But, of course, perception and reality don't always square, and defining someone's parental identity is often more complicated than it appears.

Carol Thatcher Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki [Updated 2022]

Mark's subsequent life can be summarised as amassing money and notoriety in more or less equal measure. Due to her mother's high-profile political position, many newspapers refused to publish work with her byline. The episode 'Favourites' of the same season shows how Mark Thatcher, twin of Carol, went missing during a motor rally in 1982.

Margaret Thatcher's daughter Carol's £4.5m revenge on brother Mark

She was very smart, she believed in herself, she believed she was on a mission, she had a lot of ambition, she was born with brains but she also born with the physical and mental energy to achieve those ambitions.


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The intended target, Teodoro Obiang, a brutal multi-millionaire and reputed cannibal, is due to bring a private prosecution against Mark Thatcher.