Dick fight island. How Dick Fight Island Became a Surprise BL Hit

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Who I am CONCERNED about?! The main premise of the story is that Hart, a member of the Jewel Clan, has returned to participate in the upcoming tournament after studying abroad. And , there are perhaps none guiltier nor more pleasurable than Reibun Ike's Dick Fight Island. Is there a competitor alive able to withstand it? That men had asses this bita...

Dick Fight Island, Vol. 2

However, thanks to a local bookstore, the series somehow made the racy manga Dick Fight Island go absolutely viral online.


Dick Fight Island

It takes itself so seriously that you just can't help but wish reality was this simple. The title of the Manga is rather self-explanatory. Matthew is studying at a prestigious college, and his new roommate, Harto, is almost too much to take.



Harto hails from the mysterious Pulau Yang Indah and grew up with strange island cultural practices involving, well…the butt.

Dick Fight Island Review : copypasta

Review One of my favorite types of smut with anime and manga is when it lets itself get ridiculous. Aside from gratuitous mutually assured masturbation fight sequences, there are romantic arcs in this brief Manga.


Spongebob Squarepants Somehow Made One Erotic Manga Go Viral

Think classic shonen tournament arc meets. I can't wait to see where Ike takes this story.